Hello, I’m Camden and I write for the future.

Every day and every minute, thousands upon millions of wonderful and tragic events happen on big and small scales. And, every minute, I slowly forget what has happened before, the lessons I’ve learned and people I’ve met.

Maybe you have forgotten, too. Maybe, like me, you don’t remember exactly how you felt when you accomplished something you were proud of for the first time or how you felt when someone close to you passed away. Maybe you don’t remember what it was like to suffer through global and national tragedies. Maybe you too, are scared of wanting to remember but being unable to.

So, welcome to my blog where we focus on the big and the small. The unexpected and expected. The horrible and amazing. The parts of life that make us who we are, the parts that our future selves might not exactly remember but never want to forget.

*All photos and posts are taken and written by yours truly.