The Point of Change

Whenever people talked about their faith, they would say that they had once had a horrible messed up life, full of drugs and sex and partying every night. Then one day they were introduced to God and his love for humanity, specifically themselves. In their testimony, it would seem like they did an immediate flip- around. Like the next day they had broken all ties between them and their “previous life.” Sometimes within the minute or even the second of change they were no longer known as the one who didn’t have their life together.

However, I believe that is not the case.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Becoming a Christian is a definite climax in your life. But even if you claim Christ as your Lord and Savior, not everyone also knows that. To them, you are still that one who was going through a rough patch.

Christianity is a journey not a destination. Once you accept Christ as your Lord and Savior, you must start living that way. And that starts with enwrapping yourself in God’s love for you by laying your burdens on him.

Oh, and His love is so glorious. It is enough to bring someone to tears. To make them shout for joy. It surpasses all understanding of what faith is. It goes beyond everything.

Instead of believing in something, you are being in Someone.

You are becoming someone through God. He is molding you into his beloved child. The one He will always care for and look after, no matter what you do.

So, no matter if you are just discovering your faith in God, want to find out more about it, or know through your entire body that He is the only thing that makes you whole, I leave you with this sentence.

God loves you as much as He loves Jesus.

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