I Am.

The wind outside was pretty close to a tornado in my opinion. I was tired, having stayed up till 2am to watch as much of the election results as possible. I had practically no time to get any of my homework done. I was starting my new job tomorrow and had 3 major assignments due in about a week.

And yet I was at peace.

A peace that passes all understanding. A peace that makes you smile like a little kid when they see a rainbow. A peace that can only come from God.

I had just finished my 3rd class for the day and had 60 minutes in-between the end of it and the beginning of my next class that was in the building right across the street. Since it was so close, I never so a reason to go back to my room so normally, I would sit outside and do homework. But today, as it was fairy nippy outside and I’m not about that frost bite life, I turned left instead of right, leaving the stairs to outside behind me

I didn’t really know what was guiding me towards the hallway I had only traveled down once, but when I was there it all made since.

My plan was to go to the small library they had at the end of it. I could curl up on one of the four chairs they had centered in a circle around a small wooden table and read the book I had to finish by 8am tomorrow.

Yet, there was someone sitting in there. So, I smiled at her and turned to the left and into the balcony of the sanctuary.

Now, the last time I went this way into the sanctuary, I was amazed. Not only was it beautiful with its high roof and large windows accented in white, but it was quiet. I felt God then and I felt Him now.

It wasn’t just that I everything had added up to me being there. It wasn’t just that there was a rather comfy chair on the balcony that I didn’t remember being there last time. It wasn’t just that the girl sitting in the library had encouraged me to do my work in somewhere else than where I had planned.

It was that there was singing.

A girls voice, singing to the piano, coming from the sanctuary below me.

The notes went up and down on the keys and in her voice. Her sound got louder and quieter with emotion and tone. She sang of praises and of laments. She cried out to God.

Breathe it in. You’re alive. 

It’s a miracle. You’re alive.

Oh, this life will change you for the better.

And despite all that I had to do, I felt God calling me to just be. So, I put up my book and set in prayer. I closed my eyes and swayed to the music. And I felt the peace that passes all understanding slowing down my heart rate and giving me serenity.

I felt God comforting me and telling me that everything was going to be okay because He is in control and He is God. And sometimes, its nice to have that simple reminder.

This is part of “I am Christian,” “I am an Observer,” and “I am a college student.” To go to either click here (Christian),  here (observer), or here (college student). To see all blog posts click here.


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