Our Future: Dystopia or Utopia?

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty terrified of the future.

Not only my future- after all I am a college student which means I am suppose to basically have my life, for the most part, figured out- but about the future of our nation and the future of the world.

There are so many books and movies out now about dystopian futures where everyone is controlled by a power hungry government, or where everyone lives in a horribly polluted environment, or where everyone is divided based on their race, class, personality, looks, etc. It’s pretty scary to think about, especially because some of those possibilities seem more and more possible every day. Don’t believe me? Here are some facts to prove just how close we are to a dystopian future.

  1. The U.S. prison population has risen from around 200,000 in 1974 to around 1,500,000 in 2014. That’s 1,300,000 in just 40 years. (However from 1925 to 1974, almost 50 years, the population only rose about 100,000). SOURCE
  2. In article published in 2014 from the New York Times states that unemployment rates are higher among minority groups, like Black Americans. SOURCE
  3. Carbon Dioxide levels are higher than ever and Global Warming in impeding in. SOURCE 1 and SOURCE 2
  4. The ice caps are melting because of said global warming, rising ocean levels and eventually drowning land forms. SOURCE

So basically the world is going to end and we will all die of drowning, pollution, or overpopulation, right?

Here are where the good things come in. Sure, our world is a little out  of whack right now and there are many things going on that could destroy our entire planet, but there are also many things that prove it is possible to have an utopian future instead.

  1. There are many technological advancements in the healthcare system, creating longer lives for everyone. SOURCE
  2. Renewable energy is becoming more and more common as we figure out how to make solar, hydro, and wind energy cheaper and more effective to use. SOURCE
  3. Crime cases have a quicker and more correct solve rate with surveillance systems. SOURCE
  4. Marriage laws are allowing interracial, intergender, and interreligious marriage to be legal. SOURCE

We are taking steps in the right direction of a sustainable and diverse nation.

So, what does all this mean? Are we working more towards discourse or unity? Well, it is all up to us. Will we be the change or will we be the destruction of the world around us?

I will leave you with a poem about the impact of us, humans, on the future. Read it here.

This is part of my “I am an observer” posts. To read more like this click here. Or to read all blog posts click here.


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