The Peace of Prayer

In the past 24 hours, I left my very expensive jacket my mom got for me for Christmas a few days ago at a hotel 6 hours away and something I bought 4 weeks ago was just charged to my already depleting funds, and charged twice, which meant I went majorly into the negatives. Yes, majorly.

Yet, I am at peace. In fact, I’m joyful.

If this situation had happened just a week ago, I might be freaking out. No, correct that. I would definitely be freaking out. My heart would be racing. I would be wondering why my parents were not picking up the phone after the first dial tone. I would be pacing and possibly crying. Needless to say, it would not be a good time.

So, why in just a week am I no longer feeling any of those nuisances?

Simple answer: I rediscovered the power of praying.

Praying is a powerful thing. It is what connects us with God on a personal level. It is the most direct way, in my opinion, to communicate with Him. It’s very rejuvenating and rewarding,. It was how I felt the peace that surpassed all understanding even though my life was a little crazy at the time.

And when you feel God in your presence, or at least the effects of Him on you, its like someone is sending a care package to your heart.

Trust me, it is so worth it to pray. Even if you feel like you’re talking to no one at first.


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