Hotel Showers

I recently had the experience of staying at a super fancy hotel in the heart of D.C. Not only were the rooms nice, but the entire hotel- everything from the more stylish than comfy lounge area to the automatic flushing system in the bathrooms- screamed extravagant.

That is, everything except the showers.

One of my main issues with showering anywhere besides my home is the height of the shower head. Yes, that horrid contraption six feet off the ground but only five and a half when you’re measuring from where the bathtub lays. I really don’t want to be high enough to see not only the slight mold on top of the shower head, but the dust on the ceiling.

And then there are the days when you have to wash your hair- I shudder just thinking about it. Now, if you are ever faced with this situation, there are three options:

1.Bend your head down so you are looking at the ground and slowly creep towards the shower head. Bonus points if you don’t hit your head on it when you slowly shuffle forward with your hair covering your eyes.Image result for gif cousin it addams family

Source: pintrest

2. Channel that great workout of squats and wall sits you did yesterday in preparation for this exact moment and squat to your hearts content. Or at least until your hair has been properly shampooed and conditioned. Image result for gif wall sits

Source: blogspot

3. Give up and decide that dry shampoo and a good ole’ fashioned hair brush will be just as effective.      Image result for gif dry shampoo

Source: Birchbox

I guess what I’m saying is that showering at a hotel when you are taller than the shower head is a struggle.

What do you think? Is showering in tiny showers an issue for you too?

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