The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

If you haven’t heard already, the presidential inauguration address will be given by Trump tomorrow. And believe it or not, the world will not explode into a million pieces when he comes up on stage. Neither will the world erupt in celebration.

The only thing guaranteed is that the sun will rise.

And rather you have a multitude of Trump campaign pictures hung up throughout your house, or you are sharpening your pitch fork as you read this, I know you can agree that tomorrow, the sun will rise and a new day will start.

Let me clarify, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed- it never is-, but if it comes, the sun will rise.

And if the sun rises, the day will start. And if the day starts, then you will have the opportunity to be better than the person you were yesterday.

And that involves respecting all the diverse perspectives alive in the world. That involves still staying friends with the Trump supporter across the street. Or inviting the Hillary supporter to coffee as condolences. Or buying the Bernie supporter an ice cream to drown their sorrows in. Despite our differences, we should learn to love and respect each other as fellow people stumbling through this crazy thing called life.

After all, that’s what makes us human.

3 thoughts on “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

  1. Us Bernie supporters have long since moved from sorrow to anger to motivation. Skip the ice cream & have a conversation with us. And yes, the Earth will continue to turn, revealing the new day, new opportunities, new challenges. Onward.


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