It’s Amazing

The quick tap-tapping of my keys is the only sound I hear as I write this piece. Slow at first, then faster- faster and more sporadic as my thoughts flit in my head and onto the screen.

The soft chatter of two girls talking about Biology, or something of the sort, reaches my ears. They laugh, they giggle. Okay, maybe not biology.

A guy behind me chuckles at something on his phone and picks up his coffee, tipping it towards him a bit as he takes a sip, showing me he is almost at the end of it.

My keys match the rhythm of the smooth jazz playing ever so softy throughout the room. It is the music that encourages the silence.

Someone flips a paper, stares at it for a second, her eyes moving across it in an almost schematic way. She points at something on the paper, then resumes typing, her eyes switching from the paper to the screen like a pendulum in a rugged old clock.

A man stands up, his chair making a sharp squeak as it is pushed back against the tiled floor. He walks over to the bathroom, the sound of his shoes clicking against the floor vibrating throughout the room.

There is a soft suctioning as a woman drinks out of her camelback water bottle. She pops the straw back into its place and scoots the water bottle away.

Someone coughs. Someone breaths. Someone chews.

It’s amazing what you discover about life when you take out the headphones.

This is part of my “I am an observer,” I am a writer,” and “I am a college student” blog posts. To see each one click here (observer), here (writer), or here (college student). To see all posts, click here.

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