It’s Okay

It’s okay to ask for help. That doesn’t mean you are stupid or incapable of solving the problem or completing the task. It just means you realize that you are just human and there is no possible way you could do it alone.

It’s okay. It’s perfectly fine to ask for someone else’s help, especially if that someone is an expert in whatever you are asking help on. After all, God made us to be in community, so shouldn’t we use it to our advantage? It is okay to ask for help.

I don’t know if I’m telling this more to you or to myself.

About a month ago, I lost a jacket at a fancy hotel a good day’s drive away. It was a nice jacket. A jacket that I loved and had just gotten less than a week before for Christmas. And yet for some reason, I left it there.

When I discovered my mistake, I called the hotel a total of three times to try to figure out the whole fiasco. It came down to either paying to have the jacket shipped back or having someone go get it for me.

My original thought was to rely on others, mostly because I was feeling stingy with my money. I went through two people, both who helped greatly but could not seem to have the time to either go to the hotel or the time to wait for them to get it from the back.

Then, to make matters worse, the last friend who went to the hotel was told that they could not find the jacket.

Sure, I had peace, I had God with me the entire step of the way, but I also had to figure out how to solve the problem of now not having one of my favorite jackets for 3 of the coldest days of the year.

Then, when I came home from college, I mentioned it to my mom. She freaked out, with reason. Not only had I lost the jacket for an entire month almost, but I hadn’t told her about it.

I thought that by keeping it from her, I would have the opportunity to figure it out by myself.

Boy, was I wrong.

Needless to say, my mom called the hotel that night and currently it is in the mail on the way back to us.

So, let me reiterate. It’s okay. It is okay to ask for help, especially from your family. Just because you left the nest, does not mean you know how to fly towards the sun.

This is part of my “I am a college student” and “I am Christian” blog posts. To see more college related posts, click here. To see more faith related posts, click here. To see all blog posts, click here.


  1. Love this blog, Camden. You are right it is NOT a sign of weakness to ask for help or “fess” up to ones who love you when something goes wrong and you know they might be upset. Your family loves you and nothing you do or don’t do will ever diminish or change the fact that they love you. There are NO alternative facts to this!! Love, Grandma


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