What is Christianity?

Imagine you are in a court room. On the long fit-for-thanksgiving table in front of you are all your sins. They’re practically falling off the table. That time you back talked to your mom is sliding off of the time you gossiped about the new girl. The many, many times you messed with your brother(s) and/or sister(s) is piled up all the way to your chin in a massive clump. That time you lied to your teacher about why you were late, when you knew perfectly well that you had chosen to sleep a little later, is off in the corner, but still in eyesight. That time you judged the homeless man walking down the street with a sign, rolling up your windows and locking your car cause who knows what a homeless man hyped up on drugs and alcohol would do is on top of the time you judged that woman for wearing a little too scandalous of clothing, or so you believed according to your standards of what you considered right.

And that’s only the start of the sins you have committed.

So, you’re in the courtroom, quivering, your knees about to buckle. God is in front of you, a tear falling down the Lord’s face. God is a just God, meaning God will condemn you to eternal separating from the Lord’s love and relationship. God can’t even look at you, boiling over the brim with sin upon sin.

God’s perfect being can’t handle your sin.

And then a man walks into the court room. He looks just like any other human being, but you know he is different. For he in the only person with humble determination set on his face and a glowing sinlessness about him . He walks up to you and pats you on the shoulder. His touch is warm against your cold, goose bumped skin.

“Look, I got this,” he says to you. You stare at him for a second as the words sink in. This man, this person who you have done nothing for, who you have actually hurt more than helped, is going to take your sins as his own. He is going to bare your burden so you can go to heaven.

He suddenly becomes to you like a lamb for slaughter. The ultimate sacrifice. You stare at him wide-eyed, unsure of what to do. Sure, you didn’t want to face the wrath of God, but you deserved it. He didn’t. Yet, before you could comprehend what was happening, your savior granted you forgiveness and leave of the courtroom.

As you entered Heaven’s gates, you looked back to see Jesus Christ crying in pain and agony as he experienced what you rightly deserved.

And that is Christianity.

Disclaimer: The verse that is in the picture and that much of this post is based off is Romans 6:23. Find it here.

This post is part of my “I am Christian” blog posts. Too see more like it, click here. To see all blog posts, click here.

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