Off The Phone And In The Word

My thumb twitches back and forth. Back and forth. Back… and forth. The phone moves from one screen to the other and back to the first one with each swipe.

It is so tempting to just swipe right two more times, to open up Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat… but I can’t. No, I won’t. I won’t let myself. I am doing this up for God, to show Him my love for Him and to take one of many steps towards obeying Him and following Him even when it is hard.

Why did I give up social media for lent? Glad you asked.

My generation is known as the selfie generation. I used to not fall into this category, or at least thought I didn’t, until I had one of those moments, so to speak. I started to look at my streaks on Snapchat. 100 days, 235 days, 46 days, and so forth. That meant I had gone on Snapchat at least once every x number of days. Even if I was determined and head strong in saying I wasn’t addicted to social media, the facts didn’t lie.

Hence, I gave it up for lent.

Now, I have given up social media a few times before, but this time has definitely been the hardest. I find myself opening my phone to check up on everyone’s life and to post about my own, only to find my social group cleared of everything except GroupMe and WordPress. For the next forty days, my connections to the world have been moved to the far right screen, notifications on all turned off. As long as I don’t swipe too far, I don’t see it.

It’s funny actually. I have so much time on my hands now. I didn’t realize how much social media was consuming my life until I gave it up. I have barely even started this 40 day adventure, and I already am learning. Crazy, now I have time to finish my homework at a decent hour, sleep, enjoy life for all its glory, and be filled with His presence everytime I reach for the phone with the temptation of social media on my mind.

I guess that’s what lent is for, more time and control. The goal is to pick something you can’t physically stop yourself from doing, and letting God help you stop. Then, in turn, relying on God more and more and giving the time you would be spending on such activity to Him.

So, what aspect of your life are you letting God control these 40 days (and beyond)?

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  1. What a great piece of your life to give up for lent… Social media has become so rooted into our society that seeing someone give up even a piece of it for a time is inspiring. May God continue to bless that temporary commitment in future stewardship of your time as you serve Him more and more.

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