The Incomplete Picture

Have you ever felt like you had the right to judge someone? Has someone ever done something to hurt you or someone you love and you felt as though they were the real sinners? The ones who couldn’t control their life? The ones who were definitely more in the dark than you?

Me too.

Funny thing is though, is that we are sinning just as much, or maybe even more, than the person we are judging. In proclaiming ourselves with the right to judge someone for all we see of them, we declare that we know them well enough.

We declare that we have the full picture, when we don’t.

We don’t know how that person’s home life is. We don’t know how that person has been shaped into they are. We don’t know who is to blame and who is to blame for that and so on.

We don’t have the full picture, but God does.

So, who are we to judge?

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