Cookie Cutter Faith

If there is one thing that God has been showing me this year about faith, its that faith is not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of thing.

Faith is different based on the person and their environment. Just like how nowhere can be read no where or now here, its all up to interpretation. Different aspects of God and of the bible in general stick out to different people.

And that’s what makes it so exciting and interesting. We are constantly learning about God and God’s will for us based on what sticks out to us at a certain time. Maybe God’s grace was important to you when you did something you thought was unforgivable, but God’s love was important when you felt unloved. We are all on individual journeys with an extraordinary God, so there is now way we can all have the same faith.

Just imagine, God taking God’s cookie-cutter (AKA the bible) and smacking every piece of cookie dough (AKA us) to get the perfect cookies. Wouldn’t it be horribly boring if everyone came out looking the same? Wouldn’t that ruin the excitement of it being YOUR relationship with God and no one else’s?

Point is, we are all learning about God and God’s ways each and everyday we walk on this earth. Just because someone is more fascinated with *insert something in the bible* than with *insert something else in the bible*, they are not more or less Christian than the next person. They are just learning differently and at a different pace.

Not every Christian is going to experience their faith the same way as you. And that’s great. We can help each other understand what others don’t get and vice versa.

We can stop trying to fit others into the cookie cutter of what we personally define Christianity as. Once we realize it is not a ‘one-size fits all’ kind of faith, then we can really start to have the deep conversations.

This post is part of the “I am Christian” and the “I am an observer” blog posts, which you can find here (Christian) and here (observer). To see all posts, click here.

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  1. Which is not to say that every interpretation and expression of faith holds truth. I think that saying something completely antithetical to the Gospel like “God wants me to hurt people” or “my faith says I should look out only for myself” doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. We must compare the entirety of God’s message to our lives. Scripture, prayer, traditions, experience, relationships, nature all combine to help us understand who God is and what God wants for us. If your table of faith only has one leg (Scripture) then when life gets difficult, it is easy to shake your faith. When your table of faith has multiple legs, it is sturdier and withstands challenges better.

    I also super appreciate your use of inclusive language. Keep up the good work.


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