No Time

Hello! You might be wondering where I have disappeared off to for the past month or so. And, the funny thing, so have I. Every week, my blog post reminder has gone off and every week I looked at it with the intention of writing anything, something to post. Then, before I knew it, the reminder was going off for the next week, and then the next week, and so forth. I have literally no excuse except for the fact that I got busy, but who doesn’t?

And while I could state exact things that took up my time,–like studying for exams and packing up my room for the year and other college-related things–I can’t use that excuse forever. I can’t keep saying that I have no time, when the reality is that I have the same amount of time as everyone else. How I spend it is up to me.

What are you spending your time on? Is there something you should be or want to be doing that you aren’t under the excuse of having no time? Try keeping a list of everything you do throughout the day; you’ll be surprised by how much time you spend on mindless activities like going on social media or watching TV. For instance, I discovered that I spend at least 3 hours on my phone A DAY. Talk about not using each second to its full potential.

Imagine that for every second, we had a penny. How would you spend it?

One thought on “No Time

  1. I think your dad has a new writer for his company blog when you graduate!
    You are a very good writer!!
    Love Aunt Shannon


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