The Meaning of Value

Fairly recently, my dog got a hold of a dollar bill that someone had vicariously left on a low-rise table. Needless to say, good-ole George is pretty faceless now. So, as I sit here looking at the torn, tattered, and disgraced dollar bill, a thought crosses my mind, and it’s not that my dog could go to prison for ruining the small rectangular paper, it is that the dollar bill is nothing else to my dog but a small rectangular paper.

It only has value because we assigned value to it. If everyone suddenly decided that we should start trading in shoe strings, the dollar bill would no longer be important. It would be forgotten on the cracked streets and the polluted rivers, only to appear in a history museum for being something we once believed to be important.

And this applies to everything. Something only has value if we believe it does. Someone only has value when we believe they do. You only have value when you believe you do.

And giving something or someone value is only the first step. From there, just imagine what you can do. If you believe that a friendship is value, then you will be extra careful to not lose it. If you value your religion, you will make sure that you dive deep into your faith and explore it. If you value yourself, you will act confident and be more motivated to go after your dreams, but you will also be sure to take care of yourself and your needs.

Who or what do you value?

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