Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and think, wow, I’m a horrible person? Cause I do.

No, this is not a twisted way of me asking for anyone to compliment me. It’s just a fact. I am a horrible person. I lust; I cheat; I wear revealing clothing; I sin without even knowing I’m doing it.

So, let me repeat myself; I am a horrible person. In fact, we are all. And that’s why we have Jesus.

Jesus is blue sharpie on the Hello, My Name is stickers that labels us sinless instead of lustful, perfect instead of a cheater, forgiven despite every horrible thing we do. Every. Stinking. Horrible. Thing.

That one time we looked at that person’s *insert sexual body part* for a little too long with not exactly clean thoughts in our head? Forgiven. That time we lied about our day’s events, or slightly exaggerated them at that, to seem more appealing to others? Forgiven. Every single time we didn’t hit the mark of God? Forgiven through Jesus Christ.

Now, that doesn’t mean we can take advantage of it, but it does mean we can be thankful. We can glorify God for loving us so much that God sent Jesus so instead of being seen as a horrible person of the earth we are seen as a forgiven child of God.

This post is part of my “I am Christian” blog posts, which you can find here. Or, if you feel a little scandalous and would like to see all my posts, click here.

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