Who is God?

My grasp of God’s greatness is like a toddler’s belt trying to fit around the bottom of Mount Everest. Not even close.

No matter how many times I hear that God sent God’s only son to die for my sins, it never fully sinks in. Even now, I still am struggling to wrap my head around it.

If fact, I’m struggling to wrap my head around God. Just everything about God. God’s love, God’s kindness, God’s sacrifice, God’s wisdom,God’s overwhelming presence, God’s desire to be in my life, God’s awe-powerfulness, God’s greatness, and God’s power. Not only is God great, but God is awesome.

Now, I’m sure some of you are wondering why I never referred to God as a “He” in that paragraph. In fact, I have left God genderless for some time now, which you can see here.

That is because I believe God isn’t a gender, God just is. By conforming God into a “He” or even “She” box, we are fitting God into something God is not–human.

God is not male or female, God is supernatural. God just is. And that is simply amazing to thing about.

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