As I write this, I am standing in the mail line.

Yep, it’s bad.

No, I’m not talking about the line for mail–although you could write and edit a few college essays in the time it takes you to wait for that care package fro Aunt Verna off in Canada–I’m talking about how it has come to the point that the only blogging time I have is in the line for the mail room. Or on the way to class. Or a few minutes before bed.

Or five minutes before I need to post.

So, how did my life get to this point? How did I get so wrapped up in stuff that the things I want to do (write, read, sleep), have been greatly diminished? Well, first of all, I put my priorities in check (aka, put school work, friends, and God first; hobbies second)

And second of all, I procrastinated. A lot.

This past Friday, I spend the entire day watching Netflix then the entire night hanging out with my friends, eating cookie dough, and, guess what, watching a movie. Yeah, I probably killed a few thousand brain cells that day.

Then Saturday, I sat down to start working, then got distracted by the little things like the ticks of my clock, a bus going past my window, or even the sound of silence. Yep, it was bad, but somehow I still managed to so some things. I mean, not as much as I wanted, but if I have learned anything about homework in college its that every assignment tends to take twice the amount of time you expect it to. #tipoftheyear

So, naturally, Sunday, the day of Sabbath, I spend almost the entire day doing homework. I went to bed a good 30 minutes past midnight–an impressive feat for me, especially because I had an 8am class the next day.

And since then I have vowed to get all my stuff done ahead of time. Meaning on those days when I have “no homework,” I can do some assignments due in the near future so that later, I’m not as overwhelmed and staying up till midnight and then some.

Kids, don’t procrastinate. Even doing one little assignment can make all the difference.

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