Something More

One of the questions everybody faces is, “What will make me happy?” You see it in TV shows as characters bounces from one boy to another or in the stereotypical drunk who always lives life with at least a bit of a buzz. You see it in the advertisements of smiling models splashing water in their faces as they try the new face wash. You see it in the conversations with your friends during lunch as y’all talk about the latest fashion or the cutest boy.

I see it, too. In myself especially.

Everyone wants to find something to satisfy them–rather that be a new relationship or a well-paying job or a strong group of friends*–and as much fun as those are, they will never fill the hole in your heart. It’s like trying to fill a jar with pebbles. The jar can be full, but there are still little spaces in between that will never be covered. Little parts of your life that will never be satisfied unless you find something more. Because, the only thing that can fill up your jar time and time again  is the living water.

“My people have committed two sins:
They have forsaken me,
    the spring of living water,
and have dug their own cisterns,
    broken cisterns that cannot hold water.”

Jeramiah 2:13

So, not only is yours, is my, jar of rocks not filled, it is broken. Anything it tries to hold, it will loose. This is so obvious in society today where people jump from one thing to another to another, never stopping to take a breath. We try to find satisfaction in our busyness when all the while we won’t feel whole until we breathe. Until we stop, let go, and let God.

Solomon, a great ruler in biblical times, conducted an experiment to prove just how unsatisfying worldly things are. He discovered that even wisdom and knowledge are completely pointless when it comes to Jesus Christ and his all-empowering presence and love.

And, honestly, that is something I need to be reminded of every day, every hour, every second of my life. I forget so easily how filling Christ is, how the living water can cover my holes and fulfill me. How reading the bible isn’t a task or a burden, but rather a blessing and a joy I should look forward to. How I shouldn’t look for satisfaction in my school work, my latest crush, or even my friends and family. Even after ‘being a Christian’ for some odd years, I need Jesus every moment of every day and so do you.

What do you find satisfaction in that Jesus could fill?

*This is not to say that you should avoid these things all together. It is to say that you should take them as a blessing and not a necessity in your life. It is God who gives and God who takes away.
This blog post is part of my “I am Christian” blog posts, which you can find here and my “I am an observer” posts, which you can find here. To see all posts, click here


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