Everyone likes to be in control, rather that be something as simple as wanting to drive or something as big as planning an entire event even though it is exhausting just because you want to “make sure everything is right,” control exist everywhere around us. The media tries to control our feelings about certain events. Books try to control how we view a certain character. People try to control how you spend your time.

Now, before I go into this, let me say one thing.I do not think that control is a bad thing. But, as with literally everything in this world (as I’ve come to discover), it can be used for selfish gains and can become quite horrible when overused and forced upon others.

Let me explain.

Let’s say that you’re planning a party. You want all your best friends to come to this said party because you worked extra hard about it. You put up the balloons and decorations, send out the invitations and wait. Just because you’re ready to party, does not mean everyone else is. Sure, you can control what the party looks like, how many people get invited, and what you will be wearing that day, but you can’t control who will respond to the invitation and most importantly who can come. And you can’t control how they will react to coming or not coming, but you can control how you react to either of the scenarios.

This ties into many things in life. Say you really want someone to become vegan. You can tell someone all about the animal cruelty and the economic benefits of becoming vegan, but you can’t force them to not chow down on a burger. And you can’t get mad at them if they decide to still be a carnivore. You gave them the facts and say what you believe to be true, and that’s all you need to (and can) do. The rest is up to them.

This applies to evangelism, too. You can tell people about the love and grace of God, but you can’t force your religion down their throat. God is ultimately the one who will move in them.

Which leads me to my next point: Who is in control?

Coming from a Christian background and standpoint, I believe God is the one who is in control. God is the one who makes the waves crash and the sun rise. Even more than we are in control of our own thoughts, God is the one who in control. (Cause you know sometimes I find myself thinking about things I don’t want to think about but I can’t make myself stop thinking about it)

And, that, in a weird way, is so calming. We are not in control, we don’t have to be. We just need to take care of ourselves and what we do, and let everyone else do the same.

(Just like how I can tell you what I think about control, but you, reader, ultimately have a perfect right to your opinion and I shouldn’t be mad at you for whatever it is.)

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

~Lou Holtz

This blog post is part of the “I am an observer” posts, which you can find here, the “I am Christian” posts, which you can find here. All posts can be found here.

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