Struggles in Life

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of this special occasion, I will be doing what everyone does and be listing five unexpected things I’m thankful for:1) My car breaking down

~I wouldn’t have been able to see my grandma and take the train to school if it hadn’t broken down.

2) My grandma getting (and beating) cancer

~My family has gotten so much closer because of this.

3) Not getting into my original dream college

~I wouldn’t be at a school that is a better fit for me and challenges me everyday (in a good way).

4) My orthodontist not having any available appointment times for me to get my braces off when I went in a few days ago

~I wouldn’t have gotten them off at that same exact appointment (2 months early) if we were free at the same times.

5) My car acting up (again)

~I wouldn’t have gotten to drive my grandma’s Prius and realize what car I want to start saving up for.

Needless to say, Thanksgiving is a time to realize what we should be thankful for, like the little and big things, but it is also a time to realize how these ‘struggles in life’ have shaped us and grown us to who we are. Its wonderful how much more amazing your life is if you just change perspectives and realize that every ‘bad’ thing in your life could be a blessing in disguise.*

This blog post is part of my “I am an observer” posts, which you can find here. All blog posts can be found here. Happy Thanksgiving!
*This is not to say that you should stay in a bad environment. If you are truly in a life-threatening situation, it is important to realize how bad the situation is and do something about it, not just see the butterflies and rainbows.


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