The Joys of Children

In lieu of everything going on right now in the world, I have decided to write 3 short little snippets of small and funny events that have happened while I have been working in an afterschool program for elementary school kids.

Ms. Who?

So, as shown in the title of this blog, my name is Camden. I, however, in this program, have learned to answer anything from Ms. Cameron to, from a few children, Ms. Camera. I think it all started when the teacher could never remember my name and introduced me as “Ms. Cameron.” The rest is history.


Responses to “Have a great day!”

Whenever a child leaves early, I tell them to have a nice day. From this I have gotten the following responses:


“I will.”

“Thank you”

“Bye” (Looking back on it, I don’t think the kid heard me)


The Story of the Newspaper Monster

There is this little sweetheart in my class who one day decided to give me the monster they made in school. Let it be said that when I started out at this afterschool program, I did not accept anything from the children, but as I became more comfortable with them (and started to realize that they felt hurt when I didn’t take anything), I would happily take their presents, drawings, whatever….as long as they wrote their name on it.

Anyway, this one day, this child decided that they would give me this monster they made in school that day. They came up to me and said, “Ms. Camera, I made a monster for you.” And I turned around to see this cute little newspaper monster (pictured above)…with no name. I was also at the stage where I still wasn’t exactly accepting gifts from children willingly, and as this was more than just a picture they had drawn in 5 minutes, I was more hesitant to accept it.

So, I said, “Now, I can’t take this monster unless it has a name.”

They smiled at me, considered their proposition, agreed, then sat back down for a good few minutes. I figured I had done my job well. This child would wonder about a name for the rest of class then go home and give it to their parents who would probably appreciate it way more than I would.

Yet, 10 minutes later, they came back. With a name scribbled on the heart. I looked at the monster then the child then smiled.

“What is it’s name?” I asked, hoping I was reading the lettering wrong.

“CiCi,” they said.

I smiled, thanked them for the gift, and put the little monster with ISIS scribbled on its heart over near my stuff.


Oh, children. They give me joy. And, I hope that reading these short snippets and stories brightened your day just a little bit.

What about you? Are there some funny kids (or adults) in your life? Comment below with stories!

This post is part of my “I am an observer” and “I am a writer’ posts, which you can find here and here. To see all posts, click here.


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