Loving Despite

Recently, my eyes have been open to all the separation and opposing views around the world. We are so different. And, even within groups, there are vastly different opinions. I mean, within Christianity, I can name at least four topics that divide us currently…even though we’re all from the same faith.

So, yes, I think we’re divided, but what does that mean? Does that mean we should make our points stronger? Should we research our topics, state our opinions, and make sure that everyone agrees with us, whether they like it or not? Should we retreat into those who agree with us and shun those who don’t? No.

But should we let others walk all over us? Let them decide what we believe so much so that we start to forget who we are? Should we let our opinions sway in the wind? Also, no.

We should love.

Love means letting others speak their truth and listening to what they say for the purpose of hearing a new perspective or gaining an new understanding of something you aren’t aware of. Love means loving yourself enough to trust your opinions and viewpoints, but also being open to those who think differently.

Someone recently had a conversation with me about diversity. In short, this is what they said:

“Diversity isn’t bad, nor is it good. Its neutral. Its just something that exists as much as the sky or the grass does. Its when you refuse to believe that it exists or strive to make it disappear that the true problems start to occur.”

So, it is not bad that we are different. In fact, those differences should be noticed and celebrated. We should love people despite their ethnicity, race, sexuality, age, religion, *insert anything controversial*. We should listen and learn from them, gain a new perspective and understanding of why they are the way they are. Not for the purpose of changing them, but for the purpose of changing ourselves, or rather our field of knowledge.

And, I have to admit this is hard. I find myself either being stuck in my bubble or lost in the world way too often. But, that doesn’t mean I, doesn’t mean we can’t try to love despite our differences.

This post is part of the “I am an observer” and “I am a Christian” blog posts, which can be found here (observer) and here (Christian). To see all posts, click here.


For the next few weeks, this blog will be undergoing some changes. Please do not be alarmed. Even blogs have to grow.




  1. Thank you for your perspective, Camden. So many of us KNOW what you share to be truth, yet we avoid the discomfort of dealing with it properly because LOVE takes work – constant work. Your generation brings new energy to the mix and I, for one, already see the fruit of your labors.

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  2. Camden it is good you are aware of the diversity in society. It has been more prevalent in this last year or so than it has been in the past but it has always existed. Social media and 24/7 news has offered a forum for all to express their opinion. The environment we live in now seems to have lost its civility and therefore expressing different view points gets ugly sometimes and so the diverse views are difficult to discuss. Your suggestion that we deal with each other with LOVE is the key. Let’s pray we can find it when dealing with our diverse issues.
    Thank you for this blog. Granma

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