Little Big Moments

Has anyone ever told you that you’re overreacting? That there is no reason to stress out over that test/paper/interview/etc.? Yet, despite knowing that it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, you still worry about it.

I’m here to reassure you that you are not alone. As humans, we tend to overanalyze the simple and under-analyze the complicated. We freak out when every answer choice is C, but are fine when it is as random as a bag of M&M’s.

We look at the huge things we have to do in life and our heartrate jumps because if we don’t do well, we will fail at life or something like that, right?

Well, ironically, I’ve found that the big things in life aren’t as important as we make them out to be. We as humans tend to get confused on the important things actually, focusing on the big things instead of the little perfect moments in life.

Cause, it will work out in the end. That test will not determine if you get into your dream college or career. That interview will not determine if you get picked for that ideal job. That big thing you are stressing out over will not plow your life down the wrong or right path for all eternity.

“But what if it does, Camden?” you say. “What if this huge thing will make or break my life?”

Well, whatever happens, will happen; that is inevitable. So, take a deep breath, a slow blink, and remember that something will happen and you can rest in that but live in the present.

This blog post is part of the “I am an observer” posts, which you can find here, and the “I am a Christian” posts, which you can find here. To see my related post “Big Little Moments,” click here. To see all posts, click here.


For the next few weeks, this blog will be undergoing some changes. Please do not be alarmed. Even blogs have to grow.



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