In the Christian faith, there are various opinions about if we should / how to evangelize. Today, I am going to share my opinion on the subject (spoiler: it has to deal with my eating lifestyle!). Now, this is simply just that–my opinion. If you find you agree or disagree, feel free to start the discussion in the comment section below. 

First, let’s start with what evangelism is. According to dictionary.com, it is the preaching of the gospel, or, in other words, the preaching of the good news.

Now, good news can mean anything. In the Christian faith, it means the good news of Jesus Christ, but that term ‘gospel’ could mean the good news of something else. For the bounds of this discussion, I am going to stick with the Christian definition of evangelism. Evangelism is the preaching of the Christian gospel.

There are many mixed views on if evangelism is necessary. Some people think that it is rude and unnecessary (the whole “if God can do it, why does God need me?” or the “don’t force your religion down other people’s throats” approach). Some people think it’s their Christian obligation is to evangelize to the world.

Honestly, I find myself somewhere in between. I do think that my faith is a wonderful thing and therefore I would want to tell people about it, but I also think that each person is entitled to their own opinion and religion and me forcing my views down their throats is not going to help anyone.

In short, I treat my evangelism like I treat my vegetarianism.

So, fun fact, I am vegetarian. In fact, I was vegetarian long before I even started this blog. It’s a pretty core part of who I am, in that every time I eat, I make the conscious decision to not eat meat. I have some pretty strong reasons for being vegetarian and don’t see myself converting back to being a carnivore anytime soon.

Yet, you probably didn’t know this about me even though its so integral to my being. Even if you know me in person, you might not know this about me. In fact, I’ve had many a friends find out I’m vegetarian and respond with, “Really? You’re not like most vegetarians I know.”

Because most vegetarians they know are shoving their eating habits down other people’s throats, literally. There is nothing less appealing than being forced to do or scared into doing something you don’t want to do or didn’t ask to do. If anything, many of those people became more carnivorous because of the vegetarian’s forced conversion.

But, if they had seen someone living out the vegetarian life and saw the benefits it had on not only the vegetarian’s health but also the environment and economy as a whole, they might be more curious about the whole “vegetarian thing.” In fact, when people find out I’m vegetarian, they tend to ask for my reasonings. So, instead of me telling them what I believe, I am answering a question they have.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

I treat my evangelism like my vegetarianism. I try to walk like Christ. I try to live a life of love, compassion, peace, and humility. I renew myself in the Spirit of Joy and Hope. I eat my fruits and veggies of prayer, community, and reading the bible. I live the best Christian life I can live, being sure to forgive myself and my mistakes along the way, and when someone notices and asks why I live such a fulfilled life, I tell them about this wonderful person called Jesus.

And that, my friends, is what evangelism is to me.

Curiosity changes more hearts than fear ever will.

-Camden Rose

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