Due to some things in my personal life, it’s been a hard week. Sound familiar? Let’s face it. Life is hard. 

Life is ugly. Life is a mess. Life is sometimes just plain horrible. Sometimes it feels as though you have been right hooked by life itself then screamed at to get up just so you can get punched again.

But, even in all that, there is hope.

In the fable Pandora’s Box, Pandora opens the box of all the evil in the world–envy, jealousy, hate, etc.–but, in the bottom of that box, in the small corner, there is hope. The one thing keeping the whole earth from being destroyed: Hope.

I don’t know how many of you know this about me, but I love the rain. More specifically, I love running in the rain. I love how refreshing it is. I love how it smells (Pertrichor). I love how it makes things grow. I love how it happens. I love how, well, magical it is.

Either way, I was driving somewhere earlier and the bad things in my life were starting to flood my mind. They were taking over my thoughts, consuming my emotions. They were everywhere.

And, then it started raining.

Pouring in fact. The rain started coming down, washing over my car, drenching it. Coming down hard.

But, only for a few seconds. I could have blinked and the rain would have ended. In fact, for a second I wasn’t even sure that it had happened. The only evidence of the recent storm was the water all over my windshield.

When the rain stopped, I felt hope. I felt peace. I felt God’s love pouring over me. I felt the simple yet powerful reminder that everything is happening as it is suppose to be happening, that God has it all under control and I don’t need to worry. That I can put my hope in God.

So, despite whatever storm you are in, remember, there is hope. It might be a few seconds of hope that barely drenches your car, but it is hope. And a little hope is powerful enough.

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