Recently, I got a bike.

Yes, the old school faster-than-walking-but-slower-than-a-car mode of transportation. The two wheels, one seat, two handlebars kind of thing. Mine even has a basket and soon, a bell.

You see, I had multiple reasons for getting a bike (one of them being me living off campus this year). Yet, I could have never imagined how much having a bike would change my life.

Yes, it makes me faster, but it also makes me notice what I have never noticed before while driving, busing, or even walking to class. I not only feel more aware of the things around me (so that I don’t hit them), but I feel more aware of myself. I can feel my feet pushing with each peddle as my body moves ever so slightly from side to side. I can feel my breath picking up and slowing down. I feel each bump and each hill I bike over or down. (In fact, I joke that I didn’t know how hilly our campus was until I had a bike.)

It’s crazy what you notice when you change a small little thing like your mode of transportation or your mantra for the day. Just a small little change in perspective can shift your awareness just enough to allow you to open to a whole new side of life and yourself.

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