Fix You

Written: 10/16/17; Posted: 10/17/18


I hate to break it to you hun,

but that guy, that dude

who you are so infatuated with

will not fix you.


Even if he was the most kind,

endearing, heartfelt guy,

the one who wrote you love letters,

who knew what you wanted

before you even asked

and made sure to get it before

you even opened your mouth,

he will not fix you.


Sure, he might make you happy.

He might fill your stomach with butterflies.

He might be the perfect kisser.

He might say he loves you.

He might actually be telling the truth.


But he will not fix you. Those scars,

those wounds from those battles

of your past will not stop bleeding.

Even if he knows where to place the band-aid,

he will not know how to clean the wound

and you will end up crying on the floor

while he runs around trying to find

tissues, or a bottle of wine,

anything to make you stop

and you will find that the weeks,

the months, you have spent with him

were only the eye in your tornado of a life

and you should have known

the winds were bound to start bowing eventually.


So, no, hun. He will not fix you.

Neither will the next guy, or the one

after that. Some may have a longer runtime

in the land of fantasy but eventually

the curtains will close and you will

discover that the only way to be fixed

is to do it yourself.

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