Opinions…Do They Matter?

There are a lot of opinions in the world. From when you should eat to how you should walk your dog to if you should even have a dog, we are constantly bombarded by opinions. Find a topic, and I guarantee there are opinions for it somewhere out in the world. In fact, I would bet that there are thousands of diverse opinions on that topic.

When I graduated high school, I got bombarded with loads of opinions, or rather, people became more vocal at the same time I started to pay attention. More advertisements told me to buy makeup as I came into womanhood. More emails told me to apply to their college because I would be a great fit. More people in my life told me what they did after high school with a secret or not so secret hope that I would follow in or learn from their past.

Lots of opinions. And when I got to college, I assumed it would calm down. After all, I had declared what I was doing with my life, right? There was no need for others to tell me to do with the life I was already living.

Yet, anywhere I went, even places I liked to go, I was pinned down with more thoughts. More people believing things that sometimes I agreed with and sometimes I didn’t. It was overwhelming.

Then, one day, my uncle and I got to talking. He told me about how when he first started living his life–deciding on college, marriage, kids, faith, etc.–he was also bombarded with many opinions from everywhere. I asked him how he was able to handle all the expectations of everyone around him and he told me this:

“The people that you respect, those who you believe to be wise in your life and those who want the best for you, they are the people whose opinions you should listen to. Everyone else’s opinions should be put on the sidelines–there if you need them, but not necessary.”

And so, I leave you with my uncle’s brilliant piece of advice as you try to tackle all these opinions. May you be able to discern which matter and which don’t.

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