Rainy Days 2

The pitter patter on the roof meant it was time.

They grabbed the breaking down beach chairs

leaning against the garage walls, shook off the sand,

and placed them in the middle of the floor, facing

the outside. They ran to their parents and pulled

them into the room, stopping to get some chips

on the way. Then, the whole family, parents and kids,

sat down. One of the kids dashed over and pressed

the button. The garage door opened and like a scene

from a fairy tale, the world was drenched in rain.

They sat there in silence, watching it fall down.

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Years ago, Camden Rose brought her typewriter across the country to Seattle after completing degrees in marketing and creative writing at Elon University. She fell in love with the city and hasn't left since. She can often be found at the ocean's edge taking notes on the local mermaid population. She loves exploring nature and seeking out the magic hidden beneath the everyday world. Currently, she is working on various short stories, novels, and a master’s in education. You can find her on Twitter @CamdensCorner.

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