Our Omnipotent God

For this upcoming summer I had two possibilities: 1) A two-month long training program for living as a Christian in the real world. 2) A two-month long mission trip where you go to different different sites and are basically a student leader to a bunch of high school and middle schoolers. Both required an application. Both required a deposit of about the same […]


The Peace of Prayer

In the past 24 hours, I left my very expensive jacket my mom got for me for Christmas a few days ago at a hotel 6 hours away and something I bought 4 weeks ago was just charged to my already depleting funds, and charged twice, which meant I went majorly into the negatives. Yes, majorly. Yet, I am at peace. […]


The Point of Change

Whenever people talked about their faith, they would say that they had once had a horrible messed up life, full of drugs and sex and partying every night. Then one day they were introduced to God and his love for humanity, specifically themselves. In their testimony, it would seem like they did an immediate flip- around. Like the next day they […]

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